Dr. Elayne Daniels

Sunday Scaries: Ditching The Dread

Monday looms large, and last week’s unfinished business imposes regret. While Friday came in like a view of the Promised Land, every tick of Sunday’s clock is like an hour closer to Hell. You, my friend, have a case of the Sunday Scaries. Yes, they’re real. And yes, the name is, too. What are Sunday […]

Daily Dose of Better: 10 Small Steps Toward Personal Growth

Let’s get personal. In a growth-related way, that is. What steps toward personal growth would you take if you knew that a little could go a long way? And what if you knew that, by unarresting your development, you could energize movement into positive growth and possibilities? It’s easy to want a better life. Heck, […]

6 Ways To Embrace Failure

Somewhere between learning to walk and the proverbs of high school or college graduation speeches are lessons in….falling on your arse. Call your buttocks and their accompanying hindsight what you will – today’s locker-room pep talk is about learning to embrace failure. Now, far be it from me to pay disrespect to the Ghost of […]

4 Ways To Start Healing From Past Wounds

We all carry them — some visible, like bags of groceries. Some hidden, like unwanted viruses. Rooted in the past and ruining life in the present, healing from past wounds isn’t as simple as stocking up on bandages. It requires acknowledging the wounds and immersing in their emotional aftermath. The good news, however, is that […]

How To Shift Your Mindset For Personal Growth 

Sure, it sounds pollyannaish, but personal growth really is both a journey and a mindset. It’s a journey because it’s fluid, organic, always evolving, and never fully attained. And it’s a journey-sustaining mindset because it embraces opportunities for self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-awareness. A mindset for personal growth inspires an understanding of yourself and the world […]

Divergent: In Ashley’s Words

In a recent magazine interview, Ashley Judd spoke about her role in the movie Divergent. Based on the book series, the film is about a society that divides people into five factions, each based on a different virtue.  A decision has to be made at age 16 to remain in the faction one was born into or switch into another, for […]