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When you have an eating disorder, you understand suffering on a deep level. So deep it can feel all consuming. What makes it even worse is it feels like the suffering is going to last forever.

And that eating disorder recovery is for others and not for you.

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The truth is, you CAN recover. 


I felt the way you do. I had an eating disorder, and frankly recovery was tough for me. 

But I figured it out. So well that I have helped thousands of other people with eating disorder recovery in my 20 years of specializing in eating disorder recovery.

Now I want to help you too. 

I want to share with you what most doctors and other experts don’t recognize as the reason why eating disorder recovery can be so difficult.

This reason is often why these same people have an eating disorder in the first place.

The unrecognized reason is actually a trait.

It's called Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS).

SPS is something that 15-20% of people are born with.

When it’s well understood, it is a blessing. However, when it’s not, things can get out of whack. It’s not uncommon for people with SPS to get out of whack by developing an eating disorder..  

The challenge is that with SPS, eating disorder recovery must take a different path. That’s why I’ve written this book. 

I want you to know you’re not alone. 

You CAN recover. By taking the recommendations in this book, along with eating disorder treatment, you as a Highly Sensitive Person (someone with SPS) will have a much greater likelihood of

eating disorder recovery.

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If you’re an HSP, eating disorder recovery is a lot more likely if you identify and understand the trait. 

You CAN overcome an eating disorder, even if you’ve had it for a long time.

Understanding your SPS trait may be one of the most crucial steps in reclaiming your life. 

And truly healing. 

For only $9.95, this book can be your first step.

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Dr. Elayne Daniels works with people to help deepen their self-understanding, identify harmful patterns, and develop new modes of thinking, feeling, and interacting with others.
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Hello! My name is Dr Elayne Daniels.

My passion is helping people deepen their self-understanding so they can embrace their truest selves with love, compassion, and joy.

I provide psychotherapy, consultation, and coaching to help you identify harmful patterns and develop new modes of thinking, feeling, and interacting with others. All within a trauma-informed, HAES, non-diet, intuitive eating lens.

Helping people with body image, eating disorder recovery, and High Sensitivity is my jam!