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Did you recently discover you are a Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you overwhelmed by the world around you sometimes?

Do you feel like your sensitivity is more of a burden than a superpower?

As we walk into a new year, instead of saying 'New Year, New Me' let's say

'New year, finally embracing me!'

As a Highly Sensitive Person, navigating life looks different for you.

This workshop is all about learning to embrace your superpower, master your sensitivity, and help you truly thrive.

In this 8-week workshop, starting January 19th at 7:00PM EST on Zoom, we will dive deeper into how you can support yourself as an HSP.

Each week, there will be a 90-minute session (Thursdays 7PM-8:30PM EST) focusing on one facet of being Highly Sensitive and what tools you can use to support being your best self.

The workshop will include:

A weekly focus topic centered around living as an HSP

Small group discussion

Open sharing/questions

Weekly take-home work curated for HSPs

Downloadable .pdf

Weekly mindful meditation

& more!

All for $999

Space is very limited, so sign up today!

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Dive Deeper into the Workshop

Being highly sensitive is challenging in and of itself.

Being highly sensitive in a world that isn’t can be overwhelming.

In our first meeting, we’ll talk about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and how it might be showing up in your life.

During week two, to help you deal with the challenges and overwhelm of High Sensitivity, we’ll talk about some of the core skills you need to more easily and gracefully navigate your internal and external worlds.

This is an especially exciting session because these tools can help you begin to step more fully and joyfully into your superpowers. It’s important to gently re-evaluate old ideas about yourself such as “I’m too sensitive.”

In our week three meeting, we will focus on how you can best support your unique nature and gifts so you can thrive. Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person is a joy almost beyond description.

For week four, as wonderful as it is to be a self-aware HSP, it’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time. You’re still human (OK, maybe a little bit of a superhuman) and you will have the occasional bad day. We’ll talk about how to work through bad days and how you might unknowingly create them for yourself.

Then in week five, we’ll talk about the primary relationships in our personal lives - the amazing, the good, and the challenges. This is important because one really amazing fact about being an HSP is that you care deeply about just about everything - but especially your loved ones.

For week six, we will talk about being an HSP in the workplace. Work can be especially challenging to navigate when you’re highly sensitive because most of the population doesn’t understand what it means to be an HSP. So, we’ll talk about the needs HSPs have for a supportive work environment, how to effectively communicate your needs to be effective at work, and how to negotiate the inevitable conflicts that arise in the workplace.

Week seven will be all about caring for yourself as an HSP. This can look different for everyone, but especially for an HSP. Being able to care for yourself and your needs is vital to your overall health and wellness.

Week Eight will be a wrap-up session focusing on final questions, reminding you of best practices, and sharing additional resources to help you continue to thrive.

Turn 2023 into the year you reach your fullest potential!