Services for Sexual Health


Have you ever noticed that just saying the word can cause blushing or nervous laughter?

Human sexuality is a natural drive, present at birth.

Over time, many factors affect our attitudes toward sexuality and our sexual behavior.

These influences include culture, the media, religion, family, and personal experiences.

The result for many is enjoyment of sex. Others may have more mixed feelings. Some women, for example, may feel uncomfortable deriving sexual pleasure. This could be body image related, or due to underlying belief systems. Other women may not sexually express themselves fully because of lack of experience or due to embarrassment. Some men may believe that their worth is contingent on pleasing their partner. Their  focus is on performance rather than on experiencing pleasure for themselves.  Performance anxiety and a breakdown in the sense of connection between partners may result.

The couple may prefer to avoid confronting these issues rather than discussing ways to experience more mutual pleasure and bliss.

Difficulty talking about their own sexuality causes some men and women to avoid direct conversations that could enhance pleasure for both partners.

Sexual health is an important part of healthy relationships, and of a person’s sense of self.  It is a potential source of vitality, creativity, playfulness, and connection.

This is true for same sex and heterosexual couples.

Topics men and women discuss in my office include:

Psychological aspects of women’s and men’s sexuality

Body image and sexual satisfaction


Effects of medical problems

Sexual arousal

Sexual desire


How to talk about sex with a partner

Self pleasuring

Fulfilling sex, orgasms included, is a birthright!