“To the Bone”, a recently released Netflix movie, has generated discussion on the topic of eating disorders.  The New York Times reviewed this movie.  Anything that promotes awareness is a plus.  

The movie itself is no Academy Award winner. It reminds me of an after school special from the 1980s.
In a separate blog I will review the movie. For this blog, I have only one message.

One of the most heinous sentiments in the world is “I wish I had the discipline to have Anorexia.”

No, you don’t.  Do not wish you had Anorexia.

Ask anyone with Anorexia or who has recovered from it, and you will know why it is nothing to wish for and glorify.

Why do I say this? 

kills up to 18% of its sufferers, 
takes a humongous toll on families,                                      
completely sucks all the joy out of life,
damages organs,
causes the body to self cannibalize,
and takes over the mind, as in a TOTAL HIJACK.

Anorexia is NOT:
a choice,
due to vanity,
fun, or
a diet. (Although it often starts as a diet.)

I had Anorexia over thirty years ago. It was HORRIBLE.
I recovered. 
Hope is valuable. So is proper medical, psychological, and nutritional treatment.

I am dedicated to being the change I want for the world, as hokey sounding a vision as that might be.

Please join me.
For more information, please see www.DrElayneDaniels.com or  www.nedainc.org