What are you practicing?

Just like the piano teacher tells his students about playing piano, practice is the only way to get better at piano playing.
The coach reminds her players to practice, practice, practice.

Then there is that joke about Carnegie Hall. You know the one that goes something like this: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: practice.

Whatever you practice, you get better at.

If your habit is to compare, judge, and criticize yourself, then you’ll get better and better at comparing, judging, and criticizing yourself.

If your habit is to find a way to use humor and self compassion, then you will strengthen your ability to use humor and self compassion.

Who chooses what you practice? YOU do.

What are you practicing? What are the messages you repeat to yourself over and over again? Are they helping you to be your best self?

​When you choose to practice acceptance, compassion, and kindness toward yourself and others, you’ll cultivate peace, courage, and joy. That’s a habit worth becoming better at!

Dr. Elayne Daniels

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