Dr. Elayne Daniels

8 Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Child

When Dr. Elaine Aron introduced her research on high sensitivity to the world in the late 90’s, millions of people really recognized themselves for the first time. The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) now had validation for a lifetime of misunderstood traits. And those traits had an intrinsic origin: the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC). Understandably, HSPs […]

Is There A Link Between Creativity And High Sensitivity?

There is a world that defies convention, that expands beyond the confines of norms, and that entrusts itself to a relative few. It is a world where possibility is cultivated by limitless thinking, where new stars form as quickly as others are connected. And it is a world where creativity and high sensitivity are so […]

The Impact Of Intense HSP Emotions On Relationships

For anyone who dwells in the mental and emotional world of high sensitivity, everything – everything – is intense. There’s no shoulder-shrugging, no dismissal of an experience. The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) feels life deeply and processes it endlessly. And the impact of intense HSP emotions on relationships depends on the ability of those in […]

15 Best Careers For Highly Sensitive People

April 28, 2023 / Dr. Elayne Daniels / No Comments The definition of a good career varies, person to person. Now, some people think of a career as a way to earn a paycheck. Cue Fred Flintstone and the 5:00 pm bell, signaling yabba dabba do, the work day is done. For others, a job […]

How Can Listening To Music (and Lyrics) Benefit Highly Sensitive People? 

There are songs that play their way into our memory with such determination that one or two opening notes are enough to introduce them. Two syllabic, droning notes (dun dun…dun dun) can make us turn our heads to scan for shark fins. And the opening chord of a favorite song can generate a swell of […]

Can Animals Be Highly Sensitive?

Catfish, platypus, elephant, Planet of the Apes. Oh, and Homo sapiens. No, this isn’t Final Jeopardy. The question regards high sensitivity. If humans can be highly sensitive, can animals be highly sensitive, too? Since the mid-1990’s, high sensitivity in humans has been widely researched (thank you, Dr. Elaine Aron) and brought to the forefront of […]

How HSPs Tend to Deal with an Eating Disorder Diagnosis (And What They Need To Do Instead)

Eating disorders are complicated in origin, presentation, and treatment. Observers see the physical and behavioral effects, if anything at all. But those who suffer, with or without an eating disorder diagnosis, have a complex mental and psychological experience that others don’t see.  For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with an eating disorder, everything about the experience […]

20 Famous Highly Sensitive People

We love genius in all its forms. And we are, as a species, often selfish, short-sighted, and without boundaries when it comes to it. We want the products of that genius – quickly, consistently, perfectly. But we too often fail to acknowledge the source — and price — of that genius. We gravitate toward famous […]

6 Or More Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Highly Sensitive Person

What is he seeing that I’m not seeing? Why did she get so emotional at the movie? Why does he overthink everything? How on earth does she just know that? No doubt you’ve pondered moments like these with certain people in your life, never guessing that these are signs you could be dealing with a […]