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I’m Dr Elayne Daniels. I have a private psychotherapy practice in Canton, MA. I love working with people who identify as being a Highly Sensitive Person or who are pursuing eating disorder recovery or have body image concerns. And because I enjoy helping people like this so much, my psychotherapy patients achieve their goals with greater ease and grace.

If you’re like most of my patients, you have times when you wonder how to feel better about yourself and your life. 

If you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person, you’ve probably been told that you’re “too sensitive” and “need to lighten up”. That your feelings are “too much”. This can feel very confusing and hurtful. You might even think there must be something wrong with you. And this is why so many people with the highly sensitive trait choose to enter psychotherapy - to make sense of their experience vs what others tell them their experience should be.

If you are pursuing recovery from disordered eating, you’ve probably struggled with feeling out of control or pressured by those around you to behave in a certain way or with feeling internal pressure to “perform” or be “other” than who you are. The truth is that you are enough exactly as you are. You are a beautiful person inside and out. And pursuing psychotherapy when you’re recovering from an eating disorder can improve your chances of successfully embodying this truth.

If you have body image concerns, chances are you’ve unconsciously embraced the diet culture that is rampant in our society. It’s unconscious because diet culture messages are everywhere - the media (especially social media), on the magazine stands at the grocery checkout (right next to the candy bars!), in advertisements (although that is beginning to change), and even in our daily conversations. The only way to fully address your concerns is to bring your unconscious thoughts to the surface so you can consciously choose what your body beliefs are. Psychotherapy is a wonderful way to accomplish this.

I’d love to help you overcome the challenges you’re facing. 


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Regardless of what you choose, I wish you the compassionate healing you deserve.

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