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Psychotherapy and coaching for adults and teens with eating disorders, disordered eating, body image problems and/or high sensitivity.
Elayne S. Daniels, PhD

Dr. Elayne Daniels

Psychotherapy & coaching

Therapist in Canton MA for Highly Sensitive People

Counseling for Eating Disorders and Body Image in Canton

When life feels overwhelming, stressful, or sad, and you feel out of control with all the thoughts circling in your mind, pause. Breathe, with a long exhale.

Hope and trust are powerful, especially when things feel uncertain. Together, we’ll nurture what it takes to help you move forward, even on tough days.

I’ll always keep it real with you. I practice what I preach, and I believe in what works. Our space is all about genuine healing and growth.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to seeking help, you’ll be able to take clear and decisive steps forward. You will access new possibilities for growth and progress.

Asking for help is a sign of bravery. Seeking support means you’re open to reaching your full potential and living a life you truly love.

You’ve come to the right place — I can help.


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