Dr. Elayne Daniels

Sunday Scaries: Ditching The Dread

Monday looms large, and last week’s unfinished business imposes regret. While Friday came in like a view of the Promised Land, every tick of Sunday’s clock is like an hour closer to Hell. You, my friend, have a case of the Sunday Scaries. Yes, they’re real. And yes, the name is, too. What are Sunday […]

8 Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Child

When Dr. Elaine Aron introduced her research on high sensitivity to the world in the late 90’s, millions of people really recognized themselves for the first time. The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) now had validation for a lifetime of misunderstood traits. And those traits had an intrinsic origin: the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC). Understandably, HSPs […]

Is There A Link Between Creativity And High Sensitivity?

There is a world that defies convention, that expands beyond the confines of norms, and that entrusts itself to a relative few. It is a world where possibility is cultivated by limitless thinking, where new stars form as quickly as others are connected. And it is a world where creativity and high sensitivity are so […]

Understanding The Relationship Between Eating Disorders And Perfectionism

Eating disorders and perfectionism often go hand-in-hand. While there may not necessarily be a cause-effect relationship, there are enough similarities to make the two vulnerable to one another. The perfectionist may find another level of self-refinement in disordered eating, which can, without caution, become an eating disorder. And people with eating disorders are usually driven […]

Daily Dose of Better: 10 Small Steps Toward Personal Growth

Let’s get personal. In a growth-related way, that is. What steps toward personal growth would you take if you knew that a little could go a long way? And what if you knew that, by unarresting your development, you could energize movement into positive growth and possibilities? It’s easy to want a better life. Heck, […]

Keeping You In The Dark: 10 Lies Of Depression And Anxiety

It’s hard enough to see the world as a source of constant threat. But it’s even worse to believe life has to be that way. And yet, that’s what the lies of depression and anxiety want you to believe. Chances are, if you’re well-acquainted with depression and/or anxiety, you already believe some of their lies […]

Yes, No, Maybe? Ambivalence In Eating Disorder Recovery

The awareness of – and struggle over – what can be both gained and lost is at the heart of this growth. It requires stretching, accepting, even grieving. An eating disorder can develop for many reasons. At its core is a yearning to cope with emotions and situations…in other words, with life. And yet, this […]