Dr. Elayne Daniels

Find Your Strength in Sensitivity

Psychotherapy for Highly Sensitive People.

Emerge from the cycle of being stuck.

Unearth what you desire.

Immerse in your path forward.

Discover and live your true self.

Let’s begin with the facts…

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or a person with Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) is not a flaw, weakness, or mental health disorder.

It is a trait you are born with that allows you to experience heightened internal and external sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. 

“20% percent of the population are born with this trait”

If you are unaware, you have this HSP trait or if you are aware, but do not have helpful coping skills, it can lead to anxiety and depression and other emotional challenges. 

The symptoms you experience develop into mental health concerns when you feel:

Psychotherapy can help you through self-discovery about triggers, tolerances, and self-regulating strategies. Together, we’ll create a tool kit so you can immerse yourself into a life you love.

You’ve come to the right place —I can help.

Not sure if you are a Highly Sensitive Person ?

Unearth a world of beautiful opportunity by raising your self-awareness.

Use this checklist to identifying the important characteristics of HSPs:

  • Do you process information “deeply”?
    Highly sensitive people think through matters more thoroughly and require more time to make decisions.


  • Do you clearly hear faint sounds like a tap dripping in the distance?
    Perhaps you notice with detail the amount of clutter around you and feel a constant bombardment of stimulation from multiple sources. This may then lead to feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Your nervous system is revving at a high-speed. Things become too much to handle. You over-feel.


  • Do you feel the energy and sentiments of the people around you?
    While this makes you very empathic and emotionally sensitive, it can also drain you emotionally.


  • Do you notice everything from subtle tastes in food to the fabric of your sweater?
    Then you may be sensory sensitive. Your five human senses of eyesight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell are very pronounced. 

How many times did you nod yes in agreement?

Let’s discuss how I can help.

“I often imagine I am talking with you and what you would say. Dr. Daniels, you help even when you don’t know you are helping!”

Embrace your sensitivity as a gift, just like the lotus embraces the muddy water.

I understand the unique challenges and gifts that come with being a highly sensitive person; deep empathy, creativity, intuition, fully appreciating the beauty in the world and savoring life’s pleasures to the fullest. 

The experience is unique for everyone.

Psychotherapy for highly sensitive people typically involves exploring and processing your emotions and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. 

Grounded in dialogue, I will help you:

Psychotherapy is a part of what I do. As needed, I integrate various modalities and approaches that will best fit you as a person, your situation, and the goals you wish to achieve. 

My goal is to help you learn to thrive in a world that can often feel overwhelming and overstimulating.

When sensitivity emerges, tune in and imagine the lotus.

The lotus lives in muddy water, yet it has the possibility and opportunity to emerge a beautiful flower, untouched and true to itself.

Let’s get started: 3 simple steps


Emerge & Learn

Contact me by phone or email to schedule a consultation and learn how we can work together.


Unearth & Plan

We’ll meet and customize an individual plan to help you move forward.


Immerse in Possibilities

Follow the guidance and plan we create together. Start seeing positive changes and celebrate every success.


From decades of experience, these collections of stories, strategies and tips will support your healing journey, inspire you and raise your self awareness.

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An essay I wrote later became a chapter in a Women’s Studies book and the inspiration for a documentary movie.
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