Dr. Elayne Daniels

Find Hope in Meaningful Change

Find Your Purpose and Path Forward

Psychotherapy for adults and teens who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Empowering you with the best tools, strategies and a personalized plan to help you move forward with ease.

Unearth what you desire.

Encouraging you to appreciate who you are and make meaningful changes you desire.

Immerse in your path forward.

Emerge from where you started with calm and confidence so you can immerse yourself into a life you love.

Discover and live your true self.

Emerge from the cycle of being stuck.

At the speed that we run through our days, months, and years, simple things can quickly become overpowering obstacles that appear everywhere.

Maybe that is how life feels at times? No matter where you turn, there’s an obstacle blocking where you want to go, who you want to be or love, and how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Your attention is constantly being poked-at and diverted.

Everywhere you turn, there is an ad or shared social media post recommending you seek more from life, do more, buy more, fix something about yourself. 

In addition to the outside world, those close to you often share their opinions about how you interpret your own world:  “you’re so sensitive” or “you need to lighten up”, “you feel too much,” or “you can’t take a joke?”  

And, if that isn’t enough, ‌you are surrounded by diet-culture’. Finding your way out is a struggle. You jump from diet to diet, without any relief from feeling badly about your body. Perhaps your eating disorder has been discovered and you are finally ready to take back control of your life.

P.S. The road to healthy eating and self-worth is not a diet and exercise plan – and it doesn’t start on Monday.

When the world gets noisy, imagine the lotus.

The lotus lives in muddy water, yet it has the possibility and opportunity to emerge a beautiful flower, untouched and true to itself.

“Recognize that how you feel is valid, no matter what. It’s okay not to be okay.”

Natalie Datillo, PhD

Psychotherapy is collaborative

Grounded in dialogue, it provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with me, while I remain objective. The primary focus of psychotherapy is to improve mental health and well-being. Results from this experience can help you emerge with hope and possibility; be happier and healthier. Lead a more joyful and fulfilling life. Feel better. Even to feel more comfortable in your body or overcome an eating disorder.

During psychotherapy, we will identify and change negative patterns of thinking and behavior that may be contributing to your mental health concerns. You may also learn skills and techniques to manage difficult emotions. Additionally, you will always be met with compassion and understanding and without any judgment. 

Psychotherapy is a part of what I do. As needed, I integrate various modalities and approaches that will best fit you as a person, your situation, and the goals you wish to achieve. 

My mission is to empower you to move forward and make meaningful changes you seek in your life.

Overcoming obstacles is possible!

Feeling better, recovering from a disorder; is not waiting to get help through what seems like the toughest time in your life.

“The only way out is through.”

Let’s get started: 3 simple steps


Emerge & Learn

Contact me by phone or email to schedule a consultation and learn how we can work together.


Unearth & Plan

We’ll meet and customize an individual plan to help you move forward.


Immerse in Possibilities

Follow the guidance and plan we create together. Start seeing positive changes and celebrate every success.


From decades of experience, these collections of stories, strategies and tips will support your healing journey, inspire you and raise your self awareness.

As Seen In…

An essay I wrote later became a chapter in a Women’s Studies book and the inspiration for a documentary movie.
“The Illusionists”


Discover expert-guided learning created specifically to help you better understand your eating disorder or how to thrive as a highly sensitive person.