“All deliberate change first comes from denying the logic that most gives you comfort”

What is Mike Dooley, the author of the quote, saying?

My take is that he is reminding us that change is hard, and that we tend to take our thoughts as fact, especially when those thoughts have become automatic.

It is easy to convince ourselves with rationalizations. We convince ourselves with the familiar comfort of certain logic, even if it leads to maladaptive decisions.

Let’s say “Sara” wants to establish a workout schedule. Her goal is to exercise in order to feel more energized in her body. She decides on the third day, though, that it is really too cold to go for a walk. Rather than challenge that logic by asking herself, for example, if there is some other activity–perhaps indoors–she could do for exercise, or dress in clothing that will keep her warm, she convinces herself that it really is too cold to work out.

How do YOU know when you are rationalizing, allowing yourself to be deceived by your own convincing logic?