Dr. Elayne Daniels

Yes, No, Maybe? Ambivalence In Eating Disorder Recovery

The awareness of – and struggle over – what can be both gained and lost is at the heart of this growth. It requires stretching, accepting, even grieving. An eating disorder can develop for many reasons. At its core is a yearning to cope with emotions and situations…in other words, with life. And yet, this […]

Catching The Mirror In A Lie: 25 Signs Of Body Dysmorphia

Call them what you want: asymmetries, beauty marks, battle scars, flaws. We all have them. The mirror reveals them, and we interpret them. And, for some, that interpretation reveals signs of body dysmorphia in the form of an off-the-charts disapproving obsession. In these cases, the mirror is more foe than friend. Body Dysmorphia: What It […]

Aging Gracefully: Nurturing a Healthy Body Image

Where on the timeline of growing up do body image and aging become a focus? As an adult reading this, you’re probably hard-pressed to remember when you weren’t bemoaning unwanted pounds. And the aches and pains of age too. But, it wasn’t always that way. Babies are enthralled with their bodies. Oh my goodness! This […]

Why You Shouldn’t Praise Weight Loss

“You’ve lost weight!” “You look fantastic!” “Wow, you’re so skinny now!” “How did you do it?” You pour on what you’re convinced are the ultimate compliments, never considering that praising weight loss isn’t the kindness you think it is. But, wait, how can that be? Everyone likes the positive strokes of weight loss praise. Don’t […]

The 8 Most Beautiful & Inspiring Poems About Body Image

I want to talk to the body-haters out there. Look in the mirror, then fill in the blank: “I hate my…..” What body part du jour grabbed your disapproval this time? Your thighs? Hips? Stomach? Butt? Chin? Neck? Cultivating love for your own body is easier said than done and takes more than cliché affirmations […]

3 Reasons So Many People Strongly Link Their Body Image And Self-Worth

Of all the “self-qualities” in one’s life portfolio, self-worth is the one that ought be the unconditional foundation to all the others. Do you believe you’re a good person, deserving of respect? Do you tether yourself to life by inherent worth that worldly whims and expectations can’t strangle or sever? “Of course,” you may say. […]

Social Media Affecting Your Body Image? Take These 5 Positive Steps

Be honest. Is social media affecting your body image? Do you find yourself masking your true feelings behind a heart emoji? Pretending your peripheral vision doesn’t catch a comparative glance at the red-carpet and beach bodies vying for your eye-time? Unless you live in a bunker, the answer is probably yes. Social media has rapidly […]

Are Body Positive Images Really Helpful For People With Body Image Issues?

Corsets, bikinis, skinny jeans, stilettos. Every culture has its version of the contrived ideal body and the clothes that should fit it. We all buy into it because it’s pumped into the very air we breathe, trying as we may to hold our breath in protest. Inclusive advertising, body positive images, anti-bullying campaigns — what, […]