Dr. Elayne Daniels

Understanding The Relationship Between Eating Disorders And Perfectionism

Eating disorders and perfectionism often go hand-in-hand. While there may not necessarily be a cause-effect relationship, there are enough similarities to make the two vulnerable to one another. The perfectionist may find another level of self-refinement in disordered eating, which can, without caution, become an eating disorder. And people with eating disorders are usually driven […]

Understanding Eating Disorders Myth Vs Fact

Understanding eating disorders myth vs. fact requires more than blending the definition of “eating” and “disorders.” If only it were that simple. Deep in assumptions, perceptions, and damaging myths, clarity about eating disorders starts with excavation. Although they involve problematic eating, eating disorders aren’t really about eating. Nor are they about food. Eating disorders are […]

4 Ways To Rebuild Trust With Food

We want it all, don’t we? And we want it without strings attached. (No surprise! We Americans tend to be self-indulgent that way.) It’s an attitude that extends beyond relationships with people or even money. It carries over into our relationship with food, as well. And, because our enjoyment of food is so contradictory to […]

10 Psychological Effects Of (Yo-Yo) Dieting

It’s a love-hate war, this relationship we have with food and our bodies. We defend ourselves against imagined enemies and march into a battle that is both real and preventable. We win one battle and lose another, compromising health and happiness. Victory. Defeat. Over and over. Too entrenched in the physical and psychological effects of […]

7 Tips On How To Prevent Eating Disorders In The Next Generation

So let’s say a blockbuster movie featured a villain that siphoned over 3 million healthy life years from humanity every year. Who would be the protagonist? If that villain robbed its victims of quality of life, and even offspring, who would provide hope? (Stay with me, here. This really does have to do with how […]

Why You Shouldn’t Praise Weight Loss

“You’ve lost weight!” “You look fantastic!” “Wow, you’re so skinny now!” “How did you do it?” You pour on what you’re convinced are the ultimate compliments, never considering that praising weight loss isn’t the kindness you think it is. But, wait, how can that be? Everyone likes the positive strokes of weight loss praise. Don’t […]

How HSPs Tend to Deal with an Eating Disorder Diagnosis (And What They Need To Do Instead)

Eating disorders are complicated in origin, presentation, and treatment. Observers see the physical and behavioral effects, if anything at all. But those who suffer, with or without an eating disorder diagnosis, have a complex mental and psychological experience that others don’t see.  For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with an eating disorder, everything about the experience […]

7 Things You Should Consider Before Joining An Online Eating Disorder Support Group

If you’re thinking about joining an online eating disorder support group, there are things to consider in advance. The decision to join a support group can be daunting and empowering at the same time. Thinking it through and evaluating the pro’s and con’s is important. The main purpose of any support group is to provide a […]

How To Know Which Of The Eating Disorder Solutions Will Be Most Effective For You

Eating disorders are serious, complex, and often debilitating. They’re also treatable. Eating disorder solutions, however, are not the same across the spectrum of eating disorders. So finding the one that is most effective for you is critical to successful treatment.  But where do you even start? If you guessed “eenie, meenie, miney, mo,” try again.  […]