What does Albert Einstein have to do with body image? Perhaps not so much in the direct sense. But, as one revered for his astronomical mind and theories, he favored insatiable curiosity and great questions over the presumption of absolutes.

A body image questionnaire, then, if composed of key questions, could lead the open-minded, curious seeker to valuable, implementable solutions. 

Discovery, in the Einsteinian approach, is a brief “aha!” at the conclusion of thoughtful, meaningful, strategic questions. 

Spend the majority of your time seeking, asking, and never assuming completion, and the solution, Grasshopper, will appear.

In other words, there is always more to learn. And curiosity is the vehicle, regardless of the topic. Ask meaningful questions, get meaningful answers.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the same holds true for a topic that probably didn’t consume much of Einstein’s brain power: body image.

While body image, unlike quantum physics, isn’t a topic that will send humans to other planets, it is a topic that can shape their lives.

So we’re going to dig deep and risk a little discomfort in the name of honesty. The goal? To renew your friendship with and appreciation for your body.

Below is a body image questionnaire to guide you in discovering ways to love your body more and improve your body image and self-esteem:

  1. If my body could talk right now, what would it say?
  2. What do I need right now?
  3. What does my body need in this moment?
  4. What’s one way I can celebrate my body, even every day?
  5. How can I better provide my body what it needs?
  6. What is my first body memory?
  7. Which photo do I especially love of my body as a baby or toddler?
  8. What’s something I do that makes me feel worse about my body?
  9. With whom do I tend to feel bad about my body and myself? Why?
  10. With whom do I tend to feel better about my body and myself? Why?
  11. What helps me to feel comfortable in my body?
  12. What causes me discomfort in my body?
  13. What do I need to feel nourished, energized, and strong?
  14. What helps me deal with stress in my body?
  15. How has my body helped me recently?
  16. How does my body help me express my emotions?
  17. What would my body need in order to feel as if it’s on vacation?
  18. What can I eliminate from my life that doesn’t make me feel good?
  19. What are my favorite ways to move my body?
  20. What does positive body image look like for my body?
  21. What does body respect look like for my body?
  22. What does self-compassion mean to me?
  23. What does it feel like in my body?
  24. How can I treat my body as if it were my most wonderful home?
  25. What can I practice in order to feel more comfortable in my body?
  26. What would I want a child to know about his or her body?
  27. How can I offer that to myself?

This body image questionnaire is not meant to be scored. It’s qualitative, not quantitative.

Qualitative. Just like with your body. It’s not about numbers, a score, measurements, or pounds. You are so much more than all that. 

In fact, there’s not a number in the world that could possibly define you.

Surely even our friend Albert would agree that what really matters in life isn’t numbers or formulas. They may help explain things, but they don’t define the worth of things.

And so it is with body image.

What matters is the quality of your relationship with your body and your precious self.

Consider taking the body image questionnaire periodically, such as once a month.

Notice how your answers shift.

For a life of authenticity and meaning, your relationship with your body is absolutely  vital. It’s the vehicle through which your essence and vitality flow. 

When you live from a place of self-compassion and -respect, guilt, negativity, and self-criticism naturally fade.

The body image questionnaire is a useful tool to facilitate an improved relationship between you and your body.

Set yourself up to live a life you love. 

And bring your embodied self with you.

Dr. Elayne Daniels is an international coach, consultant, and psychologist. She’s helped hundreds of people with body image concerns. To learn more about how she can help you, contact her here

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